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1. Complimentary Pricing Consultation & Design.  

When you choose Outdoor Comforts to manage your project and build a long-term relationship with us it starts with a Complimentary Consultation. We want to ensure your experience with Outdoor Comforts is amazing. Having our professional designers meet with you helps us to really understand your needs, which helps ensure that your lighting needs are met & exceeded.  Outdoor Comforts stands by its warranties and customer service values.

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During your consultation, you will be shown our lighting packages and we will provide brochures to go over all the warranties and pricing differences.  We will walk your property designing the landscape lighting to match your landscaping and architectural aspects of your home.  Your home is different, your lighting system should highlight the strong points of your home, and the rock work or colors of your brick. We are careful to maintain a consistent balance of light vs. shadows & function vs. asthetics.


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Outdoor Comforts has been designing and installing Houston and San Antonio's most unique and artistic landscape lighting projects since 2010.  Our professionally trained team members will strive to ensure every moment of your relationship with Outdoor Comforts is well beyond expectations.  

 Found this company online and was very pleased with their customer service, attention to detail and pricing. We ended up doing the front of the home and back yard well with in our budget. Now we can enjoy our beautiful backyard at night. Thanks!

                                          - ROBERT P.

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 during your experience with Outdoor Comforts

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They surprised me with their professionalism. I purchased a lighting system and mosquito system at the same time and got a big discount.  I was very impressed ... 

                                        - SAMUEL M.

Outdoor Comforts can show you multiple different ways, techniques, and light optics to illuminate your home.  Your home is not the same as the others, so why should your lighting be as well?  

It shouldn't!  

That's what we are here for.  Custom full service lighting and lighting servicing company in Houston Texas.  Each one of our designs is different.  We offer multiple types, kinds, and strengths of lighting for all the universal ways it can be used.  We offer different packages so we have the flexability to use different types of lights for different types of structures, heights, and depths.  Your home was built with creativity and its going to require creativity to illuminate the structure and bring out the beauty of the architecture.

Our professional designers will use low-voltage, LED and Moon Lighting (mercury vapor lighting), we design custom landscape and outdoor lighting systems to highlight the best features, and design of your Houston, or San Antonio area home and its landscaping needs. 

Outdoor lighting can dramatically transform the appearance of a home.  Our goal is to draw the eye to a home’s most bold, and beautiful features, rather than to the lights themselves. By carefully adjusting and planning the placements of the lights, we can truly transform your home and property. We use shadow, texture and color, along with dark silhouettes, to give your home and property its own special look and feel. We can assure you that with an LED Lighting System from Outdoor Comforts, your home will be more beautiful during the night than it is in the daytime.

Outdoor Comforts strives to provide our clients a completely hassle, and hands free service.  During your estimates and designs we will work hard to ensure you receive a pleasurable experience.  We would love to hear from you on your own lighting projects.    Contact us today to see about our specials!

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2. Installation

Outdoor Comforts will install your custom landscape lighting system with precision and care.  We are very careful protect your lawn and landscaping.   Our install managers are there throughout your installation to answer any questions and walk you through the install and make sure that your experience with Outdoor Comforts is amazing.  Choosing Outdoor Comforts means your choosing quality, design and professionalism.

                                                Custom Landscape Lighting Design With Lifetime Warranties

Our LED landscape lighting systems all come with long term warranties in mind.   Our systems are up-gradable and changeable over time so as your landscaping grows and changes its easy to adjust the lighting system as you go.  We use high quality brass and solid aluminium lighting fixtures that are built to last a lifetime.  Our shortest LED Bulb warranty is 5 years, and longest LED Bulb warranty is lifetime.  We work with local American based manufactures.  Visit our manufacturers website: www.CLSLIGHTS.COM 

3. The Final Walk-Through & Final Adjustments

The final stage of your installation process is called  During this meeting your trained designer will walk you through the entire install, answering questions and making final adjustments to the lighting system.  This ensures that we get your lighting design just perfectly as you imagined.  During your Final Walk-Through you will be shown how to use and adjust your automatic  timer control system.  


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  Allow one of our friendly team members answer your questions today.  Outdoor Comforts provides complimentary design and pricing consultations

Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm, and Saturdays from 9am - 2pm  


During your consultation and design process we will design the lighting system based on your needs and ensure that we fully meet all of your expectations.   Your lighting system will be easy to adjust and in effect getting your home illuminated like you imagined.