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Maintaining your automatic mosquito misting systems is very simple – and most services are included as part of your full service Yearly Refill Service Plan.  Outdoor Comforts Mosquito Control will regularly refill the solution tank as well as perform annual wintererization services and de-winterization services.

The Outdoor Comforts system features hassle free, simple maintenance service that is largely coverered by your service plan.  To ensure consistant mosquito control, a professional technition will refill your drum as needed.  The number of service visits required will depend on the size of your automatic mosquito misting system.  The more nozzles the more solution will be used.

Most often three to four mists daily are adequate, with mists lasting between 20-45 seconds each time.  If needed your Outdoor Comforts professional can adjust both the frequency and time of the mists during a routine service call.  If you would like momre control and flexibility, we can also teach you how to make minor adjustments to your mosquito misting system.  The annuall winterization  de-winterization processes are also part of your mosquito service program.  Take a look at our basic Outdoor Comforts Mosquito Service Programs.

The Outdoor Comforts Annual Service Plan

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Annual Winterization
  • Annual De-Winterization
  • Regularly Scheduled Service Visits
  • Service guarantee 

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We offer brand new installations with a free consultation and design before you purchase. Mosquito systems are installed in about 3-5 hours and results can be seen immediately.  If you already have a mosquito system and need service we can help with that too.  

If you’re in search of a continuous mosquito control option, an automatically controlled misting system may be perfect for your home or business.

Automatic Mosquito Control Misting Systems, with Remote:

  • Automatically release a 30-second spray 2-4 times daily, and completely customizable
  • Kills or repels mosquitoes and ticks in all treated areas, as well as spiders and other smaller insects.
  • Mosquito control systems consist of inconspicuously placed nylon tubing that connects to strategically placed, corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated, stainless-steel nozzles, with no filter technology.
  • Include a remote control allowing you to opt for additional or fewer sprays to suit your needs. Or spray it manually with just the hit of a button.
  • Our mosquito control systems come with a factory 3 year warranty
  • The tanks & pumps are automatically filled, serviced, maintained and winterized by Outdoor Comforts professional technicians so you never need to lift a finger.

Our professional technicians will come out to install the system at you home. After installing your mosquito control system, Outdoor Comforts will refill your product when needed, & service and winterize the systems each year.

New installations and services.

kills 95% of mosquitos

automatic mosquito spray systems

annual mosquito chemical refill service plans

kills 95% of mosquitos

mosquito mist systems...

The Automatic Mosquito Control Misting System sprays a fine odorless, and colorless mist through your yard, which is highly effective for several hours.  Our automatic systems are designed  to mist at dawn and dusk, when mosquitos are looking for nourishment and when they are most active.  However, our mosquito control systems are completely customizable for different properties.   Each system also come with a remote control for when you want to spray it at any time.



Pyrethrum has been used in mosquito misting systems for the control of flying insects and spiders. Originally designed for use in barns for fly control around horses, the perimeter misting system has been redesigned specifically for outdoor Mosquito Misting systems.  Pyrethrum/Premetherin(synthetic) has been the industry leader since 1999 for automatic spray mosquito control.  Using upgraded equipment, nozzles, and fittings designed for outdoor use, our mosquito control systems provides for greater effectiveness and greatly improved versatility.

The Mosquito Misting System has three main parts: the system (the timer/control panel, a reservoir/tank, and a pump/motor),  high pressure nylon tubing, and nozzles located around the perimeter of your yard. The timer determines when to mist the yard on a daily basis, usually at dawn and dusk, and at lunch when mosquitos are most active. The pump will spray the insecticide through the tubing to the nozzles, which turns the insecticide into a fine mist, killing and  repelling mosquitos for many hours. The nozzles are installed around the perimeter using a variety of techniques, locating them on fences, trees, on risers in landscape beds, and even on the eaves of the house. We pay great attention to detail by keeping aesthetics highly important. The system will be placed in a remote area of the property, usually by the A/C units or pool equipment on the side of the house.

how our automatic mosquito spray/misting systems work