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Maintaining your automatic mosquito misting systems is very simple – and most services are included as part of your full service Yearly Refill Service Plan.  Outdoor Comforts Mosquito Control will regularly refill the solution tank as well as perform annual wintererization services and de-winterization services.

The Outdoor Comforts system features hassle free, simple maintenance service that is largely coverered by your service plan.  To ensure consistant mosquito control, a professional technition will refill your drum as needed.  The number of service visits required will depend on the size of your automatic mosquito misting system.  The more nozzles the more solution will be used.

Most often three to four mists daily are adequate, with mists lasting between 20-45 seconds each time.  If needed your Outdoor Comforts professional can adjust both the frequency and time of the mists during a routine service call.  If you would like momre control and flexibility, we can also teach you how to make minor adjustments to your mosquito misting system.  The annuall winterization  de-winterization processes are also part of your mosquito service program.  Take a look at our basic Outdoor Comforts Mosquito Service Programs.

The Outdoor Comforts Annual Service Plan

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Annual Winterization

Annual De-Winterization

Regularly Scheduled Service Visits

Service guarantee 


annual mosquito chemical refill service plans

Outdoor Comforts offers clients an Annual Mosquito Treatment Program which is am all inclusive package.  Most required mosquito maintenance needs are covered under your Annual Plan.   If you only require a one time maintenance please contact us for assistance.

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