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Pillar Lighting 

Our trained lighting designers will come to your home providing you with a free design and pricing consultation. 

Post Lighting

Outdoor Comforts trained team can assist you with all of your outdoor lighting needs.  Do you need secuity/motion lighting mounted on the corners of your home?  Outdoor Comforts can install those for you.  Do you want 12 foot tall post lights mounted along your driveway or in your reflection garden?  Outdoor Comforts of Houston & San Antonio has many LED, low-voltage, and many more options available.

Up & Down Directional Lighting

Scone Lighting

Edison Style & Bistro Style Outdoor Party Lighting and Custom Outdoor Lighting in Houston by Outdoor Comforts

post lighting, security lighting, scone lighting, & Pillar lighting

Our trained professional technitians will come your home and repair your lighting system and when they are finished they will walk you around your property to show you the repairs.  We work hard to ensure every part of your experience with Outdoor Comforts is beyond expectations.  

​Outdoor Comforts of Houston & San Antonio is your go too source for back yard party lighting ideas, and back yard custom lighting and decorations.  Custom bistro lighting and patio lighting can dramatically increase the look and feel of your outdoor entertainment spaces.

Our LED Based Edison style lighting strings are installed quickly and controlled by a standard on/off 24 hour timer control.  Once the outdoor lighting is installed they are easy to maintain over the years.  Outdoor Comforts of Houston provides deck lighting and deck lighting ideas.  LED Party Lighting, Outdoor café lighting, party, wedding and event lighting is something we specialize in. 

  • Our professional staff members will come to your home and visit with you one on one.  This helps us ensure we fully understand your lighting needs. 
  • After your design is complete our friendly and highly trained install managers will be with you on your property every minute of the install.  To answer questions that you may have.
  • After your installation we will do a final night time walk through to make adjustments, teach you how to use your timer control and fully ensure that your entire experience with us is beyond your expectations.


Wedding lights, wedding lighting, colored wedding lighting, and all of your lighting needs in Houston Texas, can be managed and installed by Outdoor Comforts.  Contact us for more information on Edison, Edison style lighting, Edison bulbs, Houston Edison lighting, Edison lighting in Houston, Edison lighting ideas in Houston.  Outdoor Comforts is Houstons premier  lighting companies, outdoor custom lighting companies, and wedding lighting Houston. 



Security & Outdoor Lighting

Security Lighting